How to go from a C to an A at A-level

It’s fair to say my college years weren’t my most hard-working. I did go to my classes, but I’m not going to lie and say I gave my attendance and assignments 100% so it’s no surprise that in my January mock exams for Chemistry, I was given a C. Although on every other occasion, I... Continue Reading →


Five things you won’t miss about uni

If you're coming to the end of your studies, you’ll definitely be sad your uni time is over. No longer can you use your NUS card to get the Pizza Express discount, and no more slyly sneaking into lectures clutching your Starbucks after a night out. However, on the plus side, there are certain things... Continue Reading →

How I manage my freelance work

As many of you are aware, balancing being a student with part-time jobs, a social life and other commitments can be really challenging - I’ve been lucky enough to make my money earning tactics work for me. My course is Communication and Media and ideally once graduated, I’d like to find a role in journalism,... Continue Reading →

When does banter cross the line?

We live in a society with constant media coverage of sexism, bullying, and derogatory group chats. Of course, with things being as they are, humour is used in abundance to make light of these situations; but there a time and a place where this humour is inappropriate, and who should be the ones to call... Continue Reading →

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