How to cope with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) in January

So Christmas has passed, it’s dark outside and the days certainly aren’t getting any warmer – there is no doubt that January is one of the most depressing times of the year. But with the #newyearnewme spirit coming into things, here are a few tips to get over the festive slump and to start your 2018 right.... Continue Reading →


How to sesh better in 2018

Maybe you’re not too happy with how your nights out were in 2017 - did you find yourself lagging at the turn of 11 pm and end up leaving early? Or did you wake up and realise that you spent over twice what you were planning? Here are a few tips to help boss a... Continue Reading →

How to find your bae in 2018

If you’ve spent 2017 as the ever-present third-wheel or awkward gooseberry between a loved-up pair, you may be hoping that 2018 might be the year that you will finally find that special someone. Or if you don't want to get serious, maybe just find a ‘significant-other’ for you to share nachos and have movie nights... Continue Reading →

How to ace group-work projects

When you were at school, there was nothing better than group work as it gave you an excuse to hang out with your friends and muck around to produce something that resembled what you were meant to be producing. At uni, when these group collaborations can contribute to significant parts of your grade, things get... Continue Reading →

How to eat out healthily in Bournemouth

We all like to treat ourselves now and again, especially when the student loan finally graces our bank accounts. Meals out with friends are a good way of relaxing, trying out some new grub and also getting out of the bubble that University can sometimes create. Too many meals out too often, however, can sometimes... Continue Reading →

How to go sober in October in Bournemouth

Going sober for a month, especially when you’re used to the typical boozy student lifestyle can be challenging. However, not only will this month of sobriety save you money on drinks, but it will be beneficial for your health, too. Luckily, in Bournemouth there are tonnes of things going on which don’t involve having a... Continue Reading →

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