Not so rent free

1st year BA (Hons) Communication & Media As the start of my first semester approached, I was definitely apprehensive about living at home. Having already been at a different uni and living in the halls there, I was aware of how different the atmosphere was living with fellow students rather than living with family. I... Continue Reading →


My first semester at BU

1st year BA (Hons) Communication & Media Wow! How that first term has flown by! It’s so hard to think that only a couple of months ago I was a nervous wreck, stressing over getting to all of my lectures on time and constantly getting lost – even walking into the wrong lecture a few... Continue Reading →

Album Review: Jenny Hval’s Blood Bitch

JENNY HVAL’S LATEST ALBUM ‘BLOOD BITCH’ IS NOT FOR THE FAINTHEARTED AND DOESN’T JUST FOCUS ON THE MUSICAL ELEMENTS OF HER TRACKS BUT INSTEAD THE SENSORY AND VISUAL. The Norwegian artist started releasing her unique creations in 2006 under the alias, “Rockettothesky.”  Her debut E.P, Cigars, was awarded a Spellemannprisen (Norwegian equivalent to a Grammy)... Continue Reading →

Bournemouth for free

It can be hard adjusting to living on a student budget. You may find yourself in the tricky situation of having to entertain yourself during the day without parting with any beloved pennies. Luckily, Bournemouth has a few freebies to offer for these troublesome times, so there is no fear of being stuck at home... Continue Reading →

Keeping fit at uni

Before coming to uni, I was in my college sports team, member of a gym and a regular runner. Keeping fit is a healthy and a fun thing to do, so I was determined to try and keep it up during my student years, despite rumours of the dreaded freshers’ weight gain.Luckily, there are so... Continue Reading →

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