Revealed: The Mindset of an Amateur Musician

The music industry is a pressured environment. As an aspiring singer, I have had my fair share of late nights, poor pay and awkward conversations with dodgy pub landlords. In contrast to your typical 9-5 job, being a musician couldn’t be any different. Being a successful musician has become so much less about the music,... Continue Reading →


Midweek Munch: The Perfect Pickle Brunch

BOURNEMOUTH IS RIDDEN WITH CUTE INDEPENDENT CAFE’S, BAKERIES AND BISTROS – YOU JUST NEED TO KNOW WHERE TO LOOK. CHECK OUT THE LITTLE PICKLE DELI CAFE FOR AN OUTSTANDING EXPERIENCE YOU WON’T FORGET. THE PLACE Nestled cosily on the busy Boscombe high street, it’s hard to miss the craftily decorated window display and the waft... Continue Reading →

The Shakti Secret: Recipe for Relaxation

HEAR THE WORD BOSCOMBE AND YOU MAY IMMEDIATELY PICTURE DARK ALLEYWAYS AND THREATENING FIGURES, BUT LITTLE DO YOU KNOW ABOUT THE HIDDEN GEM OF SHAKTI MASSAGE NESTLED INSIDE THE GLORIOUS ARCADE ON THE HIGH-STREET. Shakti massage is a relatively new concept. With the shakti element involving one’s consciousness with their inner power, the massage is... Continue Reading →

How I Fell in Love with Running

We all have those days, don’t we? Those days where nothing goes to plan. Those days when even the ever-cheerful perky colleague that always offers to get you coffee still manages to frustrate you. Days when all of your deadlines are due and the internet is down. You end the day stressed, tense and angry... Continue Reading →

Five Things You Need to Know About The 2017 Budget

With the recent Brexit turmoil and unstable economic environment, the chancellor Phillip Hammond is under immense pressure to deliver effectively. With that in mind, his spending plans for the 2017 budget have been heavily anticipated. But, does the proposed plan recently released live up to expectations? Underneath all of the small talk and waffle, what... Continue Reading →

Clean-eating: Gone For Good?

Imi Byers on 1 February 2017 at 2:08pm Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the past year, you will be well aware of the social media inspired fad of ‘clean-eating’. This obsession is more than just losing weight, being fat or skinny. It follows the idea that eating only certain food groups, while... Continue Reading →

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