Student jobs: The pro’s and con’s

University is great in that the flexible contact hours mean that you may be able to balance a part-time job with your studies. An extra source of income is always appreciated but, as with every job, they all have their pros and cons. Bar/restaurant work Pros: Relatively easy to find as no doubt all universities have... Continue Reading →


The 6 things you won’t miss about sixth form

Sixth form was a vital time for us all: the first real chance for us to find out about ourselves and what we really do (and really don’t) enjoy. You were at the top of the ladder before uni and you felt like a grown-up with adult responsibilities. It was great, but here are some of... Continue Reading →

Cheap meat – is it a good idea?

As a student, there is always a pressure to budget and stretch out your loan as much as possible. There may even be a slight feeling of guilt when you buy expensive things. But are the savings from spending less on food worth it when you consider the quality? With meat products being particularly pricey,... Continue Reading →

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