Zorba’s, Bournemouth: A Review

Zorba’s on Old Christchurch Road is Bournemouth’s answer to authentic Greek cuisine. This place will have you drooling over their dishes more quickly than you can say ‘halloumi’, and their friendly service and modern decor means that this place isn’t to be missed.

When Bournemouth has such an array of international restaurants and cuisines, it is surprising that there are few Greek tavernas around, especially when hummus and halloumi are becoming ever more popular dietary staples. After visiting Zorbas’s on a buzzing Saturday night, I can confirm that the quality of the greek food here makes up for the lack of quantity on Bournemouth’s streets.

Mezze is a popular choice in this cuisine, and as we were dining out with a group of indecisive eaters, we decided that a mix of dips with a meat platter, calamari and halloumi were enough to satisfy us. We definitely left feeling satisfied. The service was prompt and friendly, which was very useful considering how long it took for our table to decide on what to have! Although the restaurant wasn’t heaving with people, there was still an excitable atmosphere with happy diners and live Greek music playing later on in the evening.

As requested, our food came out all at the same time, and in generous portions. Obviously, the first taste had to be the authentic homemade hummus and flatbreads, which definitely passed the flavour test. The dip was so smooth and so different to what you buy in the supermarket – it was almost like a completely different dish! The flatbreads were slightly garlicky and still warm from the oven and made for the perfect accompaniment for our impressive spread. The meat platter was plentiful and had the perfect fresh taste that is so easy to forget when eating typical English food.

Of course, we ordered a classic Greek salad and, trust me, this did not disappoint. Is it me, or are English tomatoes rubbish in taste when compared to every other nationality’s cuisine? Even though they were probably grown in England, the tomatoes tasted ridiculously juicy and fresh – you do not get that every day. Drizzled with olives, peppers and thick feta cheese, the salad sure was not scrimping out on any flavour.

At a reasonable £12 a head for a varied array of dishes, with both alcoholic and soft drinks making it approx. £20, Zorba’s is an ideal place for a little more luxurious meal out, or the perfect place to take your parents on those treat weekends down. I definitely recommend it to any fellow hummus and feta fanatics!

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