How to go sober in October in Bournemouth

Going sober for a month, especially when you’re used to the typical boozy student lifestyle can be challenging. However, not only will this month of sobriety save you money on drinks, but it will be beneficial for your health, too. Luckily, in Bournemouth there are tonnes of things going on which don’t involve having a pint in hand, so check out some of these events:

Movie Screenings

With the diverse range of clubs and societies that Bournemouth has, there’s no surprise that more than one of them holds film screenings in the evenings, based in lecture theatres around the campus. To celebrate Black History Month, there is a showing of ‘13th’ at the SUBU, at 6 o’clock on Friday 13th October. The Wildlife Conservation Society also holds documentary nights every Thursday on Talbot Campus (normally P411) if that is your sort of thing. It’s definitely worth having a look!

Pub Quizzes

The great thing about a pub quiz is that there is no need to get boozy, as the majority of the evening is spent deep in concentration with the hope of winning the cash prize that Dylan’s Bar has to offer the winning team. Dylan’s on the Talbot Campus runs the quiz every Monday from 8 pm and each week has a different theme. It’s a great excuse to go out and have a laugh with friends and test your general knowledge.

If you’re looking to quiz on the weekend, the Conto Lounge in Winton holds one every Sunday from 8 pm. The winning group gets a cash prize so get your general knowledge up to scratch, and a roast dinner is on you!

Comedy Central

On October 18th, the Old Firestation will be holding a comedy evening where comedians travel from all over the country to perform. It’s probably one of my favourite student nights as it’s so relaxed and there’s nothing better than turning up somewhere where the only thing expected of you is just to sit down and laugh! Tickets are only £4 and previous acts have included Russell Howard and Dara O’Brien – it’s really not worth missing!

Open Mic Nights

So many different bars and clubs have open mic night evenings now, and there’s no excuse for any hidden musicians not to show off their stuff! In Lansdowne, there’s O’Neil’s and The Anvil, and then in Winton, there’s Buffalo, which all run every Tuesday (it all kicks off around 8:30/9 pm). For those wanting to get out on a Monday, The Four Horsemen in the Triangle also has an Open Mic night from 8:30 pm. You now have no excuse to keep your hidden talent a secret!

So there we have it: a few of Bournemouth’s alternatives to boozy nights and hungover mornings. Are there any I’ve missed out? Let me know in the comments below.

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