BUSU’s Wildlife Conservation Society: An Insight

Not to be underestimated, the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) at Bournemouth Uni is one of the most active and successful societies of the bunch, winning a 5-star Societies Award as well as the Student Union Green Impact Award. Andrew Thompson, the society President, tells us why:

They host regular field trips

As Bournemouth is such a key area close to beautiful areas of nature, it means that trips are in abundance with an event happening almost every two weeks. A whole range of different students rock up, so it’s not only for those studying the course, and typical trips include Monkey World, Marwell Zoo or even for a country walk and pub trip around the New Forest.

They run volunteering projects

Volunteering not only looks good on your CV but when you are doing it out in the fresh air surrounded by nature and other students, it can be super enjoyable as well. Past projects have included workshops with children at the local River Stour Nature Reserve, as well as beach cleaning, hedge trimming and also Christmas tree chopping!

They host events with guest speakers

The WCS has had a tremendous array of speakers over the years, ranging from spider experts to reptile breeders. Not many societies offer the opportunity to meet well-known successful figures of the industry and to find out more about lots of different areas. It also provides a valuable opportunity to network if you wish to carve out a career in conservation and ecology. All of this is free of charge just by being a member of the society!

Their socials aren’t to be missed

As you can probably imagine, the socials that this society host usually involves the great outdoors. Think camping, bonfires and BBQ’s as well as pub crawls and nights out.

It isn’t limited to Conservation students

Although there is a Wildlife Conservation and Ecology degree at the Uni, this society is filled with people across all courses who have an interest in wildlife, so you’re likely to meet a whole range of people of every age. There would be your typical tree-hugging hippies (aka me) as well as a group of Business students just wanting to get out and see a few scenic places (quite often cake is involved).

There’s so much going on with all of the societies at Bournemouth, so if you have any hobbies or interests it’s definitely worth checking them out! Know any other cool societies? Let me know in the comments below.

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