Keeping fit at uni

Imogen - Gym

For those where the idea of team sports brings them to a nervous sweat, on Talbot campus there is also a fully equipped gym and group classes available. The student membership is just under £200 for the whole year and it really is worth it if you go often. It is easy to sneak in a cheeky cardio or weights session during gaps between lectures and there are even showers there so you don’t have to spend the rest of the day sweaty and hot. Lockers for members are free to use too so you don’t have to lug around all your kit with you the whole day. It’s so convenient for those busy uni days…

If gyming and team sports aren’t really your thing, Bournemouth is surrounded by amazing parks such as Meyrick and Kings that you can go running/ walking around. There is also the magnificent beach to explore and bicycles to hire on the promenade for those who wish to discover the wonder of The South Coast.  Being fit doesn’t have to be restricted to a field or gym. No matter what course you are on, or how hectic your timetable is, Bournemouth Uni has everything to make it a great and fun place to keep fit and, with so much on offer you’re bound to find something you enjoy!

Imogen - Running Track

By Imogen Byers


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