#FoundSound: Willowen



April 19, 2016 — by Imogen Byers

Whimsical indie folk from Bournemouth.

Eccentric Bournemouth-based trio Willowen are purveyors of whimsical indie fairy folk, with soft harmonious vocals and fiddle that’s fidgety and arresting.

Newest song ‘Things’ kicks off with lackadaisical vocals, which mimick soft reggae and ska, and is built upon quirky, light-hearted and fun lyrics. As the blissful chorus arrives, the mellow opening is overtaken with a rush of folk euphoria; a swooning refrain that feels both rousing and cathartic.

It’s a loose and joyous sound, one that we can only liken to Fleetwood Mac and The Wurzels jamming after hours at a lock-in in Dublin. At once positive, relaxed and stirring, ‘Things’ is the south coast band’s energy at its most infectious, which will make it a surefire playlist staple for summer 2016.

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